Mitzvah Sticker Chart - Boy

Encourage your children to help around the house and do Good Deeds. Each time your child completes a Mitzvah award him with a sticker. Children will eagerly look for Mitzvos to do to finish the chart quickly!


10 individual charts for Boys

2 Sticker Sheets (160 dot circles in each sheet)

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I Did a Mitzvah!

Use these charts for positive reinforcement to help children do mitzvah!


These Charts can be used as follows:

1 - One chart for each child.

2-  A new chart every week.

Write the Child's name in the upper-left hand corner on the chart in the space provided. 

Write the name of the weeks Parsha on the upper-right hand corner of the chart.

Put a dot sticker in one of the circles under the picture each time the child does a Mitzvah.

Once completed the chat, offer the child a small prize!


The Mitzvot are:



Wash hands

Clean up

Say an after blessing

Say blessing before

Be kind

Honor Parents

Help around the house

Say Shema

Welcome guests

Get ready for Shabbos

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