The Story



   Torah Toy was created by Morah Shira and a team of professional Hebrew school teachers. Morah Shira is a mom and holds a dual master’s degree in education and special Ed. She has extended years of teaching in Long Island and Far Rockaway. Morah Shira teaches children that amongst many, face numerous challenges and learning disabilities.

   Torah Toy was developed by educators for parents, teachers and Rabbis that want to implement Torah values and at the same time reach each child’s individual learning goals. The team of teachers closely selected manipulatives, games, toys, flashcards and other learning material that teach the child “Al Pi Darko” and at the same time instill new skills and strengthen the ones acquired.

   For a better selection, each product has a short manufactures description of the item including amount of players and age range. Are you interested in knowing the skills each product reinforces? Scroll down to read what “Morah Shira Says” for more information about the product.

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