Teacher's Lounge


 Dear Teachers,


 Welcome to the Teacher’s Lounge!

 Torah Toy favors teachers, educators, Rabbis and counselors because

they are an asset to our children’s education. Teachers “play” an important

role in our children’s life: they are the ones to spend majority of the day

with our children providing them with a good chinuch as well as being a

role model.


  In order to make our games, toys, DVDs and CDs more accessible for

teachers, Torah Toy offer’s a Super Teacher’s Discount. Items need to

be shipped directly to the school address or institution including the teacher’s


              Download your Super Teacher's Discount Application


    We are happy to assist you with this application process and please

don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or to obtain further information.  


           Looking for great teacher ideas? Read our blog! There is so much for

         waiting for you there... 




Morah Shira


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