Kosherland Board Game

Spin your way to the Kosher Home, don't get stuck mixing milk and meat together! One of our best selling board games. A great beginner's game. 2 or more players, ages 4-7. Game instructions are included.


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This is a great board game to reinforce brochos and at the same time social skills. The children take a fun adventure trough kosherland along with kosher kids. Along the way, they meet some friends and new places like the Shabbos Queen, the Marching Latkes and Mr. Matzah. Each child spins the spinner and lands on the color which he had just spun. The child then follows directions that are on the space. Just by playing this game, your child can learn important social skills such as communicating verbally, taking turns, sharing, waiting and enjoying interactions with others.


Kosherland Board Game

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